Sunday, 6 April 2014

Interlude 001

BUBBLE – Anders De Le Motte

Published 2013

2 stars

Game Over: Will the conspiracy collapse or conclude with a deadly end-game in the concluding part of the Game Trilogy.

Until now the truth behind The Game has been carefully hidden in a bubble of disinformation and distraction. But all bubbles burst eventually, and as HP and Rebecca battle to uncover the connection between The Game and their father’s shocking past, it looks like it’ll soon be Game Over in the conclusion to the Scandinavian series taking the world by storm.

Ever since supermarkets started selling cheap books my reading habits have changed a little. Sometimes this is for the better and I find some real gems that I wouldn’t normal purchase like The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn (made into the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless). I loved this book but I know I wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t in a 2 for £7 deal.

Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out.

Just before Christmas I was on my way home from work and I popped into my local TESCO. In the book aisle I found a trilogy of books with bright coloured covers and an intriguing plot. The deal was better because the first book, GAME, was only £2. I picked this up, started it that night and liked it so much I bought book two (BUZZ) and book three (BUBBLE) the next day.

It didn’t take me that long to finish GAME. I really liked the story and, despite the main character being a bit of a prick, it was a good idea pretty well executed.

Having finally finished the trilogy now I look back and realise that, like the Matrix trilogy, I should have just stuck with the first one.

Part of the struggle I had with BUBBLE was that my time was limited and I was putting writing first. But if a book is good enough then a reader will find time. I didn’t find the time for BUBBLE because it was painful to read. I carried it around like a ball and chain. I carried on though because it’s very rare for me to not finish a book I’ve started (Catcher In The Rye, I’m looking at you). It got worse and worse and I really considered just stopping and reading something else that wasn’t such a waste of time.

However, despite one of the main characters relying heavily on Wikipedia to the point of me wondering if the book was sponsored by the website, it did improve at the end (by that I mean that the last two chapters gave it an extra star and bumped it from a 1 star rating).

I still wonder how much damage was done by the translation (this is originally a Swedish novel) but as I don’t have the time to learn another language I guess I’ll never know.

BUBBLE has been a challenge but I made it through to the other side. I’m going to be more careful next time I browse the supermarkets for a cheap read.  

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