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Friday, 30 May 2014


A few months ago Craig Anderson drew my attention to FLASH! FRIDAY, a challenge to write a 150 word story using just a word prompt and a picture selected by those that run the site.
I’ve been following it for several weeks now, waiting for the time when inspiration struck me and today I found that story. 
I like it because it only takes my Friday lunch time to complete and it will keep me challenged and creative while I carry on working through Uncanny Tales.
This week the prompt was ‘Freedom’ with the following picture. Enjoy.

The Lady of the Woods

I’d been watching her for hours before she finally spoke to me. “You can come out.”
Glad that the waiting was over I stepped from the shadows of the tree line and walked over to the pool in the centre of the clearing.
“Why are you watching me,” she sighed.
“I wanted to see you for myself,” I replied.
“You are indeed beautiful.” And she was. The lady of the woods, a creature of nature; skin of grass, hair of ivy and eyes like lily pads.
She dipped her hand into the water. “Why are you here?”
“I want to help you.”
Her emerald eyes widened. “You can lift my curse?”
“More than that,” I said. “I’ll give you vengeance against those that trapped you here.”
The ground trembled as she stood, the earth becoming her body. She was majestic.
I grinned. “But I need you to do something for me first.”

 More next week.

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