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Friday, 20 June 2014


FF – 20th June 2014

This week the prompt was arrogance with the following picture. Enjoy.

One Crown to Rule Them All

Azeem smiled. It was a sure sale.
“Does it really do what you say?” asked Victoria.
“It is my greatest creation,” said Azeem. He picked the jewel encrusted crown up, holding it aloft so that the candle light twinkled off each stone. “With this you will make every nation bow at your feet. Every person in the known world will pledge their allegiance to you. You will be the greatest ruler in history.”
Azeem felt butterflies now as he waited for the Queen to accept. Soon he would be the richest man alive and she would process the power to rule the entire world.
“A ruler of slaves?” said Victoria.
“I’m sorry?”
“It is false to rule with magic.”
“But your majesty,” begged Azeem.
“Guards!” said the Queen. “Remove this man.” Three guards stepped from the shadows. She pulled one aside and handed him the crown. “And lock this in the Tower with the other artefacts.”

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