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Friday, 11 July 2014


FF – 11th July 2014

This week the prompt was friendship with the following picture. Enjoy.


I lean from behind the oak. All eyes on the duel. Don’t know the reason for their feud. Don’t care. Pistols go bang, one falls down and then there’s one less rich prick lording ‘round town. If they both fall down then that’s double trouble.

Their companions watch carefully, making sure it's fair. You want to talk about fair? Rich pricks ‘play’ life and death while my friends starve. I sell one of those fancy pistols I could feed my gang for a month.

All eyes on the duel and still no one notices little old me. I calm the horses and then climb my scrawny ass up onto the coach. Sure a pistol’ll feed mouths for a month but imagine what me and the guys’ll get for this fancy coach and two horses.

Shots ring out. A woman cries. I snap the reigns.

Lesson to you all; never leave valuables unattended.

Normally after the winners of Flash! Friday have been announced, one of the stories gets dissected by Rebekah Postupak. This week my piece of Flash Fiction was chosen. I'm extremely grateful for the experience and overwhelmed by her comments. 

Check it out here.

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  1. That was a really interesting read, both the story and the critique.