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Friday, 18 July 2014


FF – 18th July 2014

This week the prompt was clumsiness with the following picture. Enjoy.


I was so proud of Jessica. She had trained hard and this was her moment to shine. As she danced on the balance beam I allowed myself a little smile.

“Don’t get carried away, Mr Anderson,” said the Bulgarian. He was sat to my right and had his silenced pistol pressed hard against my ribs. “As agreed she will fall and throw the championship to number 79 or you won’t leave this arena alive.”

            I ignored him and continued to watch my little angel as she rounded off her routine.





            Her tiny body twisted with grace in the air and she landed with perfection. She posed and the crowd applauded. I joined them.

            There was a snap and pain erupted from my chest. “Fool,” said the Bulgarian. He got up and left.

            Mafia be damned, no father should teach failure to their child.

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