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Friday, 16 January 2015

Flash! Friday

FF – 9th January 2015

This week the prompt was the following picture. We had to include a Janitor as a character



Just one body left and that was me done for the evening. At least it should have been but nothing ever goes smooth. I guess the Gods find it amusing.

Anyway, one body left, right in the centre of the Arena. As I hauled my corpse cart over to it something looked off. I’ve seen enough Gladiators get torn to scraps in this place and this one didn’t look right.

I stood over the body and wondered where all the blood was. There was a little, sure but not like when most guys go down. These butchers don’t do anything by half.

And that’s when his eyes opened.

“Are you going to throw me on the wagon or what?”

Well, once I’d stopped pissing myself and remembered how to breathe I asked the corpse what the Hell was going on.

“I need your help to flee the city. Just chuck me in with the rest and I can make my own way from the pits. Please.”

I lent closer to him. “No can do.”

His eyes widened as my knife went in between his ribs.

Cheeky bastard. When I’m asked to clean up fifteen bodies from the Colosseum fifteen bodies is what I clean up.


I stand at the centre of The Colosseum.

Of course that is not the structures true name, only one you humans gave it. This structure you barbarians once used as an arena of violence is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Buried deep beneath Rome is a titanic machine of great power. Constructed just before the dawn of mankind it was put in place as a safe guard for the planet, a restart button if you will.

Do not feel persecuted for Earth is not alone in housing such a device. Each planet that we nurture and populate has this failsafe in place.

I will be sad to see you go. You were my own creation and had the potential to be so much more. But it seems that I miscalculated and you grew dangerously out of control. Now I must clean up the mess you have left behind.

I hold my hand out flat and the gem in the centre of my palm glows. The ground beneath shifts mechanically aside to reveal a large, rising cone of rainbow colours. When it stops rising I will activate the machine and this world will be wiped clean.

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