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Friday, 23 January 2015

Flash! Friday

FF – 23rd January 2015

This week the prompt was the following picture. We had to include a beach as the setting


Edith pulled the collar of her coat tighter around her neck as the cold sea breeze threatened to infiltrate her layers. She was trying to keep her eyes on the horizon and resented the wind for forcing her to blink.

It wouldn’t be long now. She normally hated waiting for anything but for Harold she brewed patience. She could wait an eternity just to see his smile. He was her everything.
So many perfect nights they had shared over the years but that first night, that was the keystone on which their love had been built.

How fitting that his ship would return him today to the very beach where they first met. It had been hard while he’d been gone but she’d gotten through it. She was grateful that his absences were rare.


Edith looked around to see her eldest son running across the sand towards her.

“Mum, we’ve been worried sick. What are you doing out here?”

“I’m waiting for your father.”

“Mum, please, for the last time, father died at sea seventeen years ago.”

Her heart skipped a beat as the sound of a ships horn brushed over her ears. She smiled.


Jacob picked up an odd looking stone and brushed the sand off. He looked up at his grandma and wondered how she was being so brave.

“What’s on your mind?” she asked him without taking her eyes off the horizon.

“It’s not fair,” he replied.

“Life isn’t fair, dear boy. Why should death be any different?”

“But you’re not sick.”

“No,” she said. “No I’m not. But I have outlived my usefulness to the state. I can no longer help Britannia so she can no longer help me.”

Jacob turned to his father who was stood a few feet behind them. “Will daddy have to take the walk in the waters when he gets old?”

His grandma nodded.

Jacob watched the deep blue sea. He saw things moving beneath the surface and felt the goose bumps spread up his arms. “Will I?”

Holding Jacob’s shoulder for support she slowly knelt down next to him. “We all have a limited time in this world,” she said. “Just make sure you do something amazing with it before you have to leave.”

As his grandma embraced him, Jacob watched further down the beach as other families waited with their elders. 

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