This page is where all my book reviews are kept together.

Don't expect in depth articles about character, plot and sub-text. This is more just a log of what I've been reading as I go. I'll warn when I find something not to my liking and recommend wholeheartedly when I find something I do.

All books will be graded on a 5 star system.

5 - The best of the best. This is a book I wish I'd written.
4 - Would recommend this to people. Really enjoyed.
3 - Average book. Nothing wrong with it.
2 - Unable to recommend this to people. Did not enjoy.
1 - Saved for books I found painful to read.

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Piers Torday (2015)

Piers Torday (2014)
A fantastic continuation of a beautiful story with real world warnings.

Garrett Robinson (2014)
A good start to a new fantasy series.

* * * *

Mike Carey (2009)
The perfect ending to the series.

Ernest Cline (2015)
The kind of story a teenager writes so that he and his friends are the heroes.

* * * *
Craig Anderson (2018)
A fun adventure that introduced me to a genre I never knew existed.

* * *

Ernest Cline (2011)
Second time around and it's flaws became more apparent. Feels like fan fiction.

* * * *

Richard K Morgan (2002)
A clever whodunit set in a fantastically realised (and scary) future world.

WINTER'S HEART (WOT#9) - * * *
Robert Jordan (2000)
Despite too many characters to track and a rushed ending, this was a decent read.


Brian S Creek (2017)

ON WRITING (reread) - * * * *

Stephen King (2002)
Another booster before I start another year in writing.

DEVIL MAY CARE - * * * *

Johnny B Truant & Sean Platt (2016)
A plesant surprise; a clever story with interesting characters and something to say about writing.


Philip Pullman (2017)
Nothing like 'His Dark Materials'. Slow and meandering, unsure if it's YA or adult.


Robert A. Heinlein (1959)
An enjoyable piece of military sci-fi, slowed down buy a lot of talk about ranks.


Robert Jordan (1998)
It's becoming a slog now and the lack of plot movement is making for a challenging read.

Johnny B Truant & Sean Platt (2015)
Feels like the story is in a holding pattern.

Stephen King (1992)
I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it either? Clever, but unfulfilling.

Craig Anderson (2017)
A few technical issues, but fast paced cyber thrills and a cinematic feel start the series well.

Margaret Attwood (2003)
Equal parts interesting, amusing, dark, and 'meh'.

ANIMAL FARM - * * * *
George Orwell (1945)
A sometimes funny, sometimes dark look at the unfortunate nature of mankind.

Adam Christopher (2017)
Another great Ray mystery with implications for the bigger story.

Adam Christopher (2017)
Another case for Detective/Hitman robot Ray that keeps you guessing until the end.

MADE TO KILL - * * * *
Adam Christopher (2015)
A nice mix of genres and a fun romp through 60's LA.

BRISK MONEY (reread) - * * * *
Adam Christopher (2014)
Gets us straight into Raymond's world, but feels a like a prologue instead of it's own thing.

1984 - * * * *
George Orwell (1949)
A dark future (past?), one we should probably try harder to avoid.

THE CIRCLE - * * *
Dave Eggers (2013)
A slow start and a 'YA' feel let it down, but forgiven a little for the strong ending.

Robert Jordan (1996)
Nothing happens to the point the main character realises he's wasted his time.

CRASH - * *
David W Wright & Sean Platt (2014)
A slow story that runs into plots from other more popular fiction.

Adrian J Walker (2014)
An end of the world tale with no monsters is refreshing, but also lacks some excitement.

Keith Stuart (2016)
A beautiful tale of the bond found between father and son through Minecraft.

IT - * * * * * 
Stephen King (1986)
Creepy and haunting on the surface, but a beautiful story of childhood friendship beneath.

Johnny B Truant & Sean Platt (2016)
Some useful techniques, but more of a reminisce about the show than an educational tool.

NOS4R2 - * * * * *
Joe Hill (2013)
This story spans decades but rushes along at incredible pace. And a great ending.

Johnny B Truant & Sean Platt (2013)
Fun for the completionist, but short and meaningless for everyone else. A deleted scene.

Johnny B Truant & Sean Platt (2013)
This saga is a truley epic adventure with well thought out characters and incredible world building.

Various (2017)
A great collection of short stories brought together with a dark and twisted theme.

LUCKY BREAK - * * * *
Craig Anderson (2017)
A great end to the trilogy that takes our characters full circle, all while expanding the mythos.

LORD OF CHAOS (WOT#6) - * * *
Robert Jordan (1994)
Once again, 700 pages of boredom saved but a final battle.

Patrick Ness (2015)
If Coupland loved Buffy, this is the story he would have told. Funny and charming.

KINGS OF THE WYLD - * * * * *
Nicholas Eames (2017)
A mix of Joe Abercrombie grit, and Terry Pratchett humour. Great story.

Mike Carey (2009)
Another great Felix tale, with a brilliant revelation and a bitch of an ending.

Johnny B Truant & Sean Platt (2015)
The plot thickens, but gets slow and boring in the final act.

Terry Pratchett (1976)
Though I tripped over a lot of the names, the early charm of Pratchett is clear.

THE LAST WILD - * * * *
Piers Torday (2013)
A beautiful tale that shows the dark limits of what our worlds own future could be.

Mark A King (2017)
An interesting story, but let down by spelling errors and unnatural dialogue.

Robert Jordan (1993)
Another slog that pays off in the end, but lots of filler.


ON WRITING (reread) - * * * *
Stephen King (2002)
Once again, setting myself up with good advice before another year of writing.

NOD - * * * * *
Adrian Barnes (2016)
An original premise on the end of the world, where man falls apart in the darkest ways.

THE COLONY - * * * *
Craig Anderson (2016)
A future that's clean and tidy on the 'surface', but darker as the character digs deeper.

Michael Chabon (2002)
Imagine Stephen King wrote Wizard Of Oz, but with a less interesting main character.

DEAD MAN'S STEEL - * * * *
Luke Scull (2016)
Despite bringing in odd elements, this is a 'gritty' trilogy I want to read again.

Jason Arnopp (2016)
The Exorcist for the modern, tech generation. Scary, funny, and smart

Paul Stephenson (2016)
Poorly edited, with terrible characters, I will not be looking forward to book 2!

James S A Corey (2011)

James S A Corey (2011)
A fresh take on space adventure, with an extra mix of noir and horror.

Robert Jordan (1992)
Certain characters shine at the end, but the first half drags with excess.

GRIND SPARK - * * * *
Tamara Rogers (2016)
A dark look at social media, future family structure, and a society that has nothing else to live for.

FELLSIDE - * * * *
Mike Carey (2016)
A slow burn builds to a jam packed finale of truth and murder.

THE MARTIAN - * * * *
Andy Weir (2011)
Despite a lot of calculations, this is a fun, edge of the seat space adventure.

ZOO 2 - *
James Paterson & Max DiLallo (2016)
Fells like a 400 page novel edited down to 150 pages. Messy, rushed, and pointless.

Derek Landy (2015)
While a lot works, this epic ending is messy and leaves plot threads dangling or dropped.

Derek Landy (2014)
A return to form and a more epic story culminating in a brutal final third.

Derek Landy (2013)
A drop in quality as a rushed story hurtles by with too man POV's for a novella.

Derek Landy (2013)
Not quite the 'Invasion of magic!' that the blurb mentioned, but good finale.

CONTACT - * * *
Johnny B Truant & Sean Platt (2015)
Slower than the last but it's building towards something bigger.

Douglas Coupland (2013)
Despite an arse of a main character, I found his doomed adventures hilarious.

THE DRAGON REBORN (WOT #3) - * * * *
Robert Jordan (1991)
More of the same (a good thing) with a subtler finale.

JOYLAND - * * * *
Stephen King (2013)
Classic King, with detailed characters and a wonderful setting.

ZOO - * *
James Patterson (2012)
Suspend belief and it's a page turner, but one with many flaws.

Matthew Reilly (2014)
It tries not to be Jurassic Park and succeeds for the wrong reasons.

John Gardener (1983)
Too many double crosses, but it feels like Flemings 'Bond' in a good way.

Paul Hoffman (2013)
As with the previous books, it starts very slow but ends epic.

Becky Chambers (2014)
A different kind of sci-fi tale; slower in pace, but richer in character and world building.

HELL TO PAY - * * *
Matthew Hughes (2013)
Had potential, but the trilogy ends on a dead end.

NEAR ENEMY - * * * *
Adam Sternbergh (2015)
A fun read that further explores themes of terrorism and future technology.

FROM A BUICK 8 - * * * * *
Stephen King (2002)
Though it divides the readers, this is hands down, one of my favourite King books.

Tamara Rogers (2016)
A great mix of thought provoking possible futures. Great for commute readers.

Johnny B Truant & Sean Platt (2015)
Picking up where The Dream Engine ended, the world gets bigger and the stakes get higher.

ONCE UPUN A TIME - * * * *
Holly Geely (2016)
A great mix of stories from an amazing imagination.

LUCKY SHOT - * * * *
Craig Anderson (2016)
The writing is easy going and the dialogue is full of sarcasm.

THE GREAT HUNT (WOT #2) - * * * *
Robert Jordan (1990)
While the main character repeats a lot of Book 1, the support keep things interesting.

Charles Yu (2010)
The first half made me feel real dumb, but the emotional story eventually shines through.

FAHRENHEIT 451* * * *  
Ray Bradbury (1953)
A classic that is as relevant today as it was on it's publication.

Adam Christopher (2015)
A change in pace from book one, with a more in depth look at the Spider Wars universe.

REVIVAL - * * * * * 
Stephen King (2014)
King at his best. Great characters that help get over the wobbly ending.

Various (2013)
Short fiction with an eclectic mix of genres and styles.

INVASION - * * *
Johnny B Truant & Sean Platt (2015)
Despite the fact the aliens show up late, this is a promising start to the series.

NON-ZOMBIE - * * * *
Garrett Robinson (2013)
A short twist on the usual zombie mythos. Sure it's rude, but it's funny too.

AXIS OF AARON - * * * *
Johnny B Truant & Sean Platt (2014)
A mind bending story that will keep you guessing until the end.

EYE OF THE WORLD (WOT #1) - * * * * *
Robert Jordan (1990)
An intimidating doorstop of a book, but a great start to an epic adventure.


I AM LEGEND (reread) - * * * *
Richard Matheson (1954)
(26/12/2015 - 01/01/2016)
A classic read, a mix of sci-fi and horror, with a great ending.

Joanna Penn - (2015)
A useful book, despite being brief. Good to read before you take the plunge.

ON WRITING (reread) - * * * *
Stephen King (2002)
An insight into the mind of a genius (and brimming with great advice).

David Wong - (2007)
Strange is an understatement. But it's a good strange, and damned funny too.

Brandon Sanderson - (2014)
A great short read with one of my favourite main characters.

Aldous Huxley - (1932)
Started this in college, and it's so much better than I remember. Classic.

DR NO - * * *
Ian Fleming - (1958)
Skip the sexism and racism of it's time, it's one of the more entertaining Bond novels.

Sean Platt & David Wright - (2012)
More Yesterdays Gone keeps you guessing with addictive cliff hangers.

WRITER DAD - * * * *
Sean Platt - (2013)
An honest look inside the mind of one of today's greatest indie authors.

AGE ATOMIC - * * * *
Adam Christopher - (2013)
A great follow up to Empire State.

Craig Anderson - (2013)
My second read, and still a fantastic story with a fresh take on karma.

Mike Carey (2014)
With zombies everywhere, this story changes enough to sound original and keep things interesting.

READY PLAYER ONE - * * * * *
Ernest Cline (2011)
A book for geeks, written by a geek. If you grew up in the 80's/90's, you'll love it.

Tamara Shoemaker (2015)
A promising opening to a fantasy trilogy that struggles a little with too many main characters.

DEAD MEN'S BOOTS - * * * *
Mike Carey (2007)
Another fantastic Felix Castor novel with brilliantly written characters.

SAINT ODD - * * *
Dean Koontz (2015)
Whilst the series trudged along after book 1, this was a better finale than I had expected.

Derek Landy (2012)
Slow story with way too many unnecessary subplots.

Derek Landy (2011)
Starts slow but some great revelations at the end.

Derek Landy (2010)
Another good Skulduggery book that sees the world grow and the trouble deepen.

Terry Pratchett (2003)
A fantastic read, one of my favourite Discworld books.

Derek Landy (2009)
Good end to the first (loose) trilogy with an epic finale.

Derek Landy (2008)
Another good entry but could do with less step-by-step fight scenes.

Derek Landy (2007)
Good start to the series with interesting characters.

John Gardener (1995)
With head hopping and other errors this, at times, feels like a new authors work.

HALF A KING - * * * *
Joe Abercrombie (2014)
A different pace to earlier Abercrombie but a cracking start to a new trilogy.

Johnny B Truant & Sean Platt (2014)
Despite being written in just one month, it's an impressive story with an epic ending.

Luke Scull (2014)
A great follow up to The Grim Company and a great lead into the final book.


DOCTOR SLEEP - * * * *
Stephen King (2013)
Another great tale from Mr King and a worthy follow up to The Shinning.

Paul Hoffman (2013)
Struggling to read the final part of the Left Hand Of God trilogy

SHOVEL READY - * * * *
Adam Sternbergh (2014)
A dark tale set in a well realised world

BRISK MONEY - * * * *
Adam Christopher (2014)
A great little story and nice appetiser for the planned trilogy.

Dean Koontz (2013)
Another failed attempt to reach the highs of book one.

Mur Lafferty (2013)
A good start to an interesting series.

Sean Platt & David W Wright (2011)
An addictive TV show in book form. Bring on Season 2!

HANG WIRE - * * * *
Adam Christopher (2014)
An urban fantasy with so much more hidden within and a fantastic ending.

Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant (2012)
A great opening salvo to what promises to be an epic tale.

Adam Christopher (2014)
A good book let down by a main character with blinkers on.

COLD WAR - * * * *
Adam Christopher (2014)
A short, tense story providing a brief window into the Human / Spider conflict. Good read.

EX-PURGATORY - * * * *
Peter Clines (2014)
While it's the weakest of the four so far, it's another great installment in the series.

BUBBLE - * *
Andres De Le Motte (2013)
Disappointing end to a trilogy that started with so much promise.

I AM LEGEND - * * * *
Richard Matheson (1954)
(16/10/2013 - 23/10/2013)
A classic read, a mix of sci-fi and horror, and a great ending.

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